Wedding Planner

Hire our professional wedding planner to help you plan, organize, and coordinate the perfect wedding of your dream! Before planning a wedding, there's a few things you need to know you will need for your wedding. We'll be able to assist you throughout your ceremony and reception with these needs and beyond:

  • Make-up service

  • Hair-do service

  • Souvenirs

  • Invitations

  • RSVP for guests

  • Entertainment

  • Additional crews

  • Electricity

  • Transportation

  • Accommodation

  • Honeymoon

  • Wedding venue

  • Reception venue

  • Bridal

  • Security

  • Lighting

  • Sound

  • Food and beverage

  • Wedding cake

  • Flowers and decoration

  • Photography service

  • Videography service


  • USD 1,400 for a wedding with 0 - 30 Guests (6 crews)

  • USD 1,600 for a wedding with 31-60 guests (8 crews)

  • USD 1,800 for a wedding with 61- 100 guests (10 crews)

  • USD 2,000 for a wedding with 101 - 150 guests (12 crews)

  • USD 2,200 for a wedding with more than 151 guests (14 crews)


what's included

  1. An event manager to assist you with your wedding needs with unlimited prompt assistance via e-mail, messenger, video and phone calls until your wedding day, and manage, organize, and coordinate your wedding day

  2. Face-to-face meetings and consultations at your convenience

  3. Assistance in finding, liaising, booking, coordinating, and making payments to vendors according to your wedding needs and preferences

  4. Assistance in creating rundown, layout, and seating charts for your wedding

  5. Arranging meetings with venues and vendors

  6. Rehearsal with wedding celebrant and bridal parties prior to wedding date

  7. Assistance in group booking and transportation for guests' accommodation

  8. Full coordination on your wedding day by our event manager and our team to help coordinate your wedding day to run smoothly

On The Day Only Coordinator Fee

Have you planned the wedding on your own but don't want to be running on your feet coordinating your wedding? Hire a wedding coordinator (event manager) to manage, organize, and coordinate your wedding day. Pricing:

  • USD 600 for an event manager on the day only

  • USD 80 for a crew on the day



3 meetings with event manager before the wedding date inclusive. You are responsible for planning, making rundown, RSVP for your guests, etc. We're only to execute your orders and information on the day. Crews are for a maximum of 12 hours with HT and two meals inclusive. Additional crew is at USD 80 per crew. Minimum number of crews is 4.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payments are to be paid in IDR into our IDR account using our current bookkeeping rate at USD 1 = IDR 15,200 (subject to change).

  2. 50% deposit is required to make a booking.

  3. Full payment needs to be finalized at least 30 days before the requested date.

  4. All packages and items are nonrefundable.

  5. Change of date should be notified to us and is subject to availability.