Real Weddings

We have planned, organized, and coordinated from small weddings with just the bride and groom to big weddings with more than 150 people. Doesn't matter what kind of size your wedding is, we'll help find the best venue, package, and price that will suit into what you're looking for. For more information about wedding planning, you can click on our wedding planner page. Or if you have any questions you can leave a message below or visit our contact us page!

Sri & Vicka’s Wedding at Villa Ombak Biru

A union of two people in a beachfront venue during sunset time. The 2-day celebration was such joyful moments for the couple and the guests who attended from Singapore and India. On the first day they changed their vows, and on the second day they had a traditional Indian ceremony.

Bonnie & Vincent’s Wedding at The Ungasan Clifftop Resort

Beautiful union of two people. The bride opted for rustic decoration, with the beautiful Indian ocean backdrop and set by the infinity pool. A romantic reception dinner to follow and the couple mesmerized all their guests with a beautiful first dance together.

Vivien and Derrick’s Wedding at The Edge

This beautiful fairy tale wedding was attended with almost 100 people, and they were all left stunned at how elegant the wedding was carried out, along with the warm and bright decoration the bride was always dreaming to have.

Toriana & Parham’s Wedding at Sinaran Surga’s Villa Cahaya

This beautiful water wedding set on a floating stage onto of the infinity pool with the Indian ocean background was attended by closest family and friends who flew all the way from The States and Iran. The warm beautiful decoration mesmerized all the guests who enjoyed the party til drop!

Barrett & Kay's Wedding at The Edge

A 3-day celebration for Barrett & Kay's wedding, where around 70 guests came from all over the world and enjoyed celebrating their wedding. The perfect clifftop venue was chosen as their wedding venue with Indian ocen as its background. As the bride walked down the aisle, the groom just couldn't take his eyes off her.

Lawrence & May's Wedding at Jeeva Saba Villa

A beautiful union between two people. Guests came all the way from Malaysia and Australia to witness as this couple say "I do" to each other. A tropical beachfront wedding has always been their dream. Our team helped them around to find the most suitable venue for their wedding and after a long search, Jeeva Saba Villa caught their hearts.

Eve & Yuichi's Wedding at Pandawa Cliff Estate

We absolutely loved working with this lovely couple from Hong Kong and Japan. They had 100 guests coming from Hong Kong, Japan, and around Europe. The beautiful ceremony took place at The Pala, overlooking the lavish Indian Ocean while the reception took place at Villa Rose. Before the reception concluded to shift for the after party, the couple threw a beautiful first dance that made their guests go "Wow! What a couple!"

Jess & Kenneth’s Wedding at The Edge

This beautiful couple traveled down with their closest family and friends from Hong Kong to Bali to announce their life time vows to each other. Both stunning in white, with the mesmerizing Indian ocean background, the wedding left everyone in awe. A surprise fireworks set off to make the wedding even more memorable to everyone.

Helen & Fabien's Wedding at The Edge

Helen and Fabien were a lovely couple from Singapore and France. Their guests were all delighted to come to their wedding that took place at The Edge and helped make the night feel even more wonderful and enjoyable for the couple. They took their luggage and photographer to Santorini to do their pre-wedding shots. Needless to say, with elaborate flowers setup on their wedding, it was a absolutely a magical night to remember for these two!

Melissa & Puttakhun's Wedding at Conrad Infinity Chapel

Who doesn't dream about getting married in a beautiful chapel in Bali surrounded by glistening water under the bright sun with sea as the background? We had a lot of fun organizing Melissa and Puttakhun's wedding that was attended by 80 people from all over the world, from Indonesia, Thailand, and The Netherlands!

Jessica and Goran’s Wedding at Majapahit Beach Villas

Our lovely couple from Hong Kong flew to Bali with their closest family members and friends to be pronounced as husband and wife. Beautifully situated beachfront, Majapahit Villas became their choice for their wedding venue. The beautiful rustic decoration made the vibe even more romantic that night.

Gianna and Robert's Wedding at The Edge

A lovely intimate wedding with 20 guests, who flew all the way from USA to witness Gianna and Robert say I do to each other. The weather was perfect that day and the decoration was very warm and beautiful, set on top of the cliffs overlooking Indian ocean.

Zoe and Luke's Wedding at Conrad Infinity Chapel

Our clients had one of the best days in their lives after getting hitched at one of the most iconic chapels in Bali, Infinity Chapel. Around 50 guests flew into Bali from Sydney, Australia to attended this party that lasted past midnight. Lots of drinks, lots of food! Good vibes!

Chris and Joan’s Wedding at Mannao Estate

Getting wed in Bali is always a beautiful experience for couples who long to say “I do” in our tropical Island. The natural paddy rice fields as the background, with rustic yet tropical and bohemian decoration became the theme of this wedding, something the bride has always dreamed for a long time, and we helped make come true.

Chloe and Richard's Wedding at Karma Kandara

An intimate wedding attended by two families and closest friends as they witness this beautiful couple to say the words "I do". The stunning setup of the water wedding of Karma Kandara and the breath taking clifftop 5-bedroom villa as their reception dinner venue make their wedding day even more special.

Carol and Brent's Wedding at Anugrah Villa

Set on a clifftop with the famous Indian sea backdrop. The view was breathtaking as enchanted more than 120 guests that came from Australia and China. Bride and groom danced to the music, while the guests closed the wedding party by jumping into the pool with the music playing in the background and overflowing drinks and the must, beer Bintang!

Janine and Jun's Wedding at Taman Ahimsa Villa

When Janine and Jun visited Taman Ahimsa Villa for the first time, they fell in love with it and decided to get married there. One year later we helped them make their wedding dream come true. A lovely union between two people, saying their vows by the sea.

Chris and Sue's Wedding at Four Seasons Hotel Sayan

The lavish Four Seasons hotel is just perfect for an intimate wedding with its green natural Ubud's rain forest background. The clouds were rolling in and it looked like it was about to rain, but we prayed it wouldn't and thank God it didn't!

Tamara and Jaron's Wedding at Karma Kandara

What a privilege it was to work with Tamara, who's probably the most beautiful bride we have ever worked with. Of course, she was once crowned at Miss Hungary! The beautiful 'on water' setup at Karma Kandara was just as beautiful as the walked down the aisle to meet her groom.

Bali For Two Goes to Paris! Daniel and Natalia's Wedding

Interracial couples are always beautiful. This couple from Bali and Finland decided to tie the knot and say 'I do' to each other in the capital city of love and romance - Paris. Our crew worked on this wedding for 3 months. The bride had a dream of a French chateau wedding, where we found the perfect chateau for their wedding ceremony, just an hour of drive from the center of Paris.

Yaelle and Mikael's Wedding at Infinity Villa 

A private villa located in Canggu is our client's choice from French this time with around 40 people flying into Bali from the home of Eiffel tower. The guests enjoyed their night with the live music, live interactive Balinese dance, and ended the night with music by the DJ and overflowing drinks.

Wentian Zhang and Jinglong Wang's Wedding at Pandawa Cliff Estate's The Pala

An intimate wedding attended by less then 30 guests from China. The setup took place on the clifftop of Pandawa Cliff Estate's The Pala. Truly remarkable backdrop, perfect for a wedding.

Rachel and Mitt's Wedding at Kupu Kupu Barong 15 March 2016

We had a lovely time organizing Rachel and Mitt's wedding. The timing during the sunset was perfect, and their two friends also came to celebrate their wedding followed by a romantic dinner for 4 setup on the lovely infinity pond.

Vijay and Priya's Wedding at Balangan Cliff

This romantic wedding was attended by the bride and groom only, fulfilling their wishes to get married legally in the land of gods, Bali. Traditional Balinese ceremony set up on the clifftop of Balangan, this was sure a moment to remember.

James and Kelli's Wedding at Balangan Beach

Our lovely clients from Australia wanted to exchange their wedding vows to each other on the beach. With their gorgeous daughter as their only witness to this beautiful moment to watch her parents say "I do" to each other for the first time.

Kayla and Beau's Wedding at Kupu Kupu Barong 

Who wouldn't love a romantic elopement getaway in Bali? This is the way our clients did to exchange their vows. Surrounded by the lush natural Ubud's jungle, set on top of the infinity pool. Feels like the world belonged only to these two.